Beck the Great RX3

Seen in “The Greatest Villain”.


Beck the Great RX3 was commissioned by Beck, with the purpose of finally defeating Roger and Big O, and constructed by Yoshifura-Yakamoto Industries, in a ploy for lucrative contracts with the Paradigm Corporation.

Piloted by Beck and his two henchmen, Dove and T-Bone, 3 vehicles combine into the giant robot. The combination sequence is started by the command "Final Together" or "Implement Final Formation!"

T-Bone's trailer transforms into RX3's lower body, the blue vehicle performs a bootleg turn to form the legs and waist. Dove's construction vehicle is the upper body, pulling itself up onto the blue lower half. The torso creates hands from a drill and a pincer. Beck's sports car jumps off a nearby ramp and dives into a recess in the head to form the cockpit.

After this display of bravado and overly-dramatic poses, Roger and Big O destroyed the RX3 in a single blast of O Thunder, ending the fight before it began. The only weapon the RX3 appeared to have was a boomerang-shaped bladed weapon, made by combining the 2 halves of it stored on the shoulders. When combined, the kanji for "cut" appears on the center of the weapon.



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