Jason Beck is a criminal and mechanical mastermind in "The Big O".


Beck is introduced as R. Dorothy Wayneright's kidnapper in the series premiere. He is always shown wearing a golden yellow suit or prison clothes. We learn his first name in "Twisted Memories".

After being defeated by Roger Smith during the kidnapping case, Beck's further appearances on the show consist of his trying to defeat Roger. However, his plans continually degrade from sinister and dangerous to almost comical in nature.

He also seems to have numerous memories relating to the operations and abilities of the Megadeus, stating in "The Greatest Villain" that he knows about Roger being the pilot of Big O.

Beck becomes Alex Rosewater's agent in "Twisted Memories" after Alan Gabriel threatens him with an order of execution, but is unhappy with this situation despite a successful attack on Roger. Thus, he betrays Rosewater and ends up aiding Roger in the last episode by telling Dorothy how to activate Big O's Final Stage.


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