An assassin stalks the streets of Paradigm City. A series of seemingly unrelated murders has Dastun baffled to the motive, and the only clue is the killer's calling card, which says, "Cast in the name of God, ye not guilty". Big Ear heard that the victims were said to have regained their memories. Roger goes to an abandoned library that he recognizes from a photo in the house of one of the victims. He stumbles upon Angel, who asks him the purpose of piloting the Big O, seeing as he was already familiar with all the controls, before she decides to leave. A book, containing a piece of paper showing the names of the victims, suddenly appears, and Roger holds on to it for further investigation. This leads him to find Gordon Rosewater at a farm. It is deduced from Gordon's book that memories of the past had been implanted 15 years ago into children, in which 4 of them were the victims killed. Gordon encourages Roger to figure out the answer for himself and finish Gordon's book. As he returns back to the abandoned library, he encounters R.D., said to be Red Destiny. Roger runs for his life to escape death. Big O suddenly rises from the ground, with Dorothy inside, and crushes R.D. into the ceiling. The Military Police have been mobilized at the coast, as 3 foreign megadeuses are soon approaching. The episode ends as Roger prepares for combat and the main characters are shown awaiting the clash.


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