An unknown bomber sends a toy robot to detonate in a church. Dastun has been dreaming of a foreign woman and a shootout at the harbor. He shows up at an inquiry meeting, in which the committee ignores the idea that the bomber is a foreigner. The woman of his dreams seems to appear in the city streets frequently after more bombings. Dastun tells Roger that he dreamed that the woman was shot at a dock on a snowy night, whispering the words "vous êtes si gentil". Roger then says that the woman is an actress named is Sybil Rowan, who starred in only one movie. The city government had arrested Sybil for opposing the Paradigm City reconstruction plans. It was believed she perished in prison. A scheduled speech at an amusement park is interrupted when a giant toy megadeus, known as the Eumenides, is sent by the bomber. Dastun finds Sybil at the dock seeing that she is one behind all the bombings, while Roger is busy stopping the Eumenides using Big O. When Dastun shoots Sybil, she drops the trigger, deactivating the explosives. Roger then destroys Eumenides. Dastun weeps when experiencing the nostalgic scene of when Sybil dies. It is unveiled that "vous êtes si gentil" is translated to "you're so sweet".


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